Private Copy

Private copy is a compensatory remuneration established by Law no. 8/ 1996, which should be paid by the economic agents who manufacture or who enter the following on the territory of Romania:

  • - supports for analogical or digital sound or audiovisual recordings;
  • - devices designed for the achievement of analogical or digital copies.

Starting from 2005, UPFR has been designated by ORDA as the sole collector of the compensatory remuneration for private copy. Based on the concluded protocol, UPFR performs a monthly distribution of the remunerations collected from Private Copy to the beneficiary collective management bodies.

Currently, the compensatory remuneration for private copy owed to performers is tied up in a special bank account, until the court establishes the weight due to each collective management body, from the domain of performers.

Please refer to the Methodology in force.

Also read Types of devices and supports.