Foreign Partners

CREDIDAM is the only collective management association in Romania which:

  • is affiliated internationally through AEPO – ARTIS (the Association of European Performers’ Organisations), SCAPR (The Societies’ Council for the Collective Management of Performers’ Rights) and VRDB (Virtual Recordings Database).
  • has 43 bilateral agreements concluded with similar organisations from other countries: Austria; Belgium; Canada; the Czech Republic; Croatia; Denmark; Switzerland; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Ireland; Lithuania; UK; the Republic of Moldova; the Netherlands; Poland; Slovakia; Spain; USA; Sweden; Hungary, Slovenia, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, England.


CREDIDAM is ISO certified, having a modern system of procedures for the permanent improvement of its activity.

austria LSG – Austria
200px-Flag_of_Serbia.svg PI - Serbia

belgia URADEX - Belgium
grecia ERATO - Greece

ca (Custom) ARTISTI – Canada
ie (Custom) RAAP - Ireland

cehia INTERGRAM – Czech Republic
lt (Custom) AGATA - Lithuania

cipru ASTERAS - Cyprus
anglia BECS - United Kingdom

croatia HUZIP- Croatia
olanda NORMA - Netherlands

danemarca GRAMEX – Denmark
olanda SENA – Netherlands

danemarca FILMEXDenmark
polonia SAWP – Poland

ch (Custom) SWISSPERFORM – Switzerland
polonia STOART- Poland

ee (Custom) EEL - Estonia
slovacia SLOVGRAM – Slovakia

finlanda GRAMEX FI - Finland
spania AIE- Spain

franta ADAMI- France
spania AISGE - Spain

franta SPEDIDAM – France
suedia SAMI- Sweden

germania GVL-
ungaria EJI – Ungaria

grecia APOLLON – Greece
steag_sua AARCUSA

525px-Flag_of_Canada.svg MROC – Canada
slovenia Zavod IPF – Slovenia


            BIROY – Turkey |


italia2           NUOVOIMAIE – Italy |


drapel-steag-fanion-brazilia          ABRAMUS – Brazil |


anglia 2         PPL – United Kingdom |


220px-KingdomOfAlbania         A.K.D.I.E. – Albania |