In attention to cable users,

By Decision no. 120/20th of September 2013 of ORDA and by Decision no. 121/20th of September 2013 of ORDA, published in the Off. Gazette no. 602 of the 27th of September 2013, Part I, CREDIDAM was designated as the sole collector of the remunerations owed to performers and/or players for the cable retransmission of the artistic performances fixed on phonograms and of those from the audiovisual domain. As from the 28th of September 2013, Decision no. 278/2011 of ORDA and Decision no. 279/2011 of ORDA, whereby ARAIEX was designated as the collector of the remunerations for cable retransmission owed to performers, will cease to apply. Please be informed that as from the 28th of September 2013, the collector of the remunerations established by the application of the percentage of 0.75% above the calculation base, is CREDIDAM.

Information valid until the 17th of November 2011


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Starting with 22.12.2010, according to the Civil Decision no. 263A/16.11.2010, delivered by the Court of Appeal in Bucharest, 9th Civil Section and for issues related to intellectual property, in file no. 4009/2/2009, published in the Official Gazette, Part I, no. 861/22.12.2010, and based on the ORDA Decision no. 332/2010, respectively 333/2010, the new methodologies regarding the remunerations owed for the cable retransmission of works and of products bearing related rights, came into effect

According to the new methodology, regarding cable retransmission (ORDA Decision no. 327/15.12.2010), the remuneration to be paid to CREDIDAM amounts to:

0.75% from the calculation base for cable retransmission, performed after 21.12.2010.

The payment will be made in the IBAN CODE account: RO27INGB0001000152938983, opened at ING BANK – 1st District Subsidiary.

  1. The remuneration represents only rights related to copyright and CREDIDAM was appointed as collector thereof, according to the ORDA Decision no. 332/23.12.2010 and to the ORDA Decision no. 333/23.12.2010.

Procedure for obtaining the license

  1. Fill in the authorization application and the licensing form.
  2. Dispatch the signed and sealed application in 2 original counterparts, the signed and sealed license in 2 original counterparts and one copy of each of the following documents:

    1. sole registration code (copy);

    2. CNA authorizing decision/license (copy) – if applicable

    3. CNA retransmission permit (copy);

    4. MCTI technical authorization (copy);

    5. ANRC certificate (copy);

  3. You will receive the license in original, signed and sealed by CREDIDAM.
  4. Consign the monthly report, respectively pay the remuneration on the terms established by the methodology and by the license clauses.

MONTHLY REPORT (calculation base)

Transmit it till the 15th of the month following the month for which it is prepared, accompanied by a cover letter, signed and sealed by the legal representative, certifying on its own liability, the accuracy and reliability of the information included in the report and in the appended documents, and must contain the following:

  1. list of retransmitted radio-broadcasting and/or television programs services;

  2. number of subscribers;

  3. subscription value;

  4. calculation base (total amount of the monthly gross revenues obtained from the radio-broadcasting and/or television programs retransmission activities, and in the absence thereof, from the total amount of the incurred use expenses);

Download – monthly report standard template

In case of payment delays, the users owe, according to the methodologies in force, penalties equivalent to 0.10% from the outstanding amounts, calculated per day of delay.


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