Newcomer registration

Registration with CREDIDAM

You may register with our association by using one of the following options:

  1. Download all the necessary registration forms by accessing the links below, filling them in, signing them and completing the file according to the registration procedures you are applying for. The complete file (including the adherence fee payment proof) will be sent either by post or by courier services to the CREDIDAM premises in str. C.A. Rosetti, nr. 34, sector 2 București.

In case you encounter any difficulties in preparing the file, you may request for additional information by contacting the members’ help service, at the CREDIDAM premises in str. C.A. Rosetti, nr. 34, sector 2, Bucureşti, from Monday to Thursday between 10.00-13.00, to the phone number 021.307.92.00 and by e-mail or you may consult our website at

  1. At the CREDIDAM premises, where you may request the registration forms and procedures you are applying for. When registering, you will be assisted by a CREDIDAM employee who will provide you with all the necessary support to complete the file.

Regardless of the registration option you choose, the files shall be checked by the CREDIDAM Work Committee within 10 days of submission / transmission, and if the documents require thorough check-up or the amount of information is very large (for the independent management entities, etc.) the checking up period shall be of 45 days. The Chief Executive shall, based on the check-up report, approve or deny the file of the applicant, and the latter will be informed of the given resolution by email or by post.




Members registration (click here)

Registration of collection application on behalf of non-members (click here)

Legal entities registration (click here)

Registration of collection application on behalf of performers’ heirs (click here)

Performers Adherence Deed (click here)

Adherence deed of independent management entity, other OGCs, associations of right-holders (click here)

Heirs collection application form (click here)

Non-members collection application form (click here)

Repertoire statement forms (click here)

Return tax withholding statement and social contributions statement (click here)

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