Public Communication



In order to use the performers’ works recorded on phonograms or in audiovisual format in the ambient (hotels, restaurants, bars, transportation etc.) or lucrative environments (discos, shows, various events etc.), it is necessary to obtain a license (authorisation) from CREDIDAM.


The procedure pertaining to the issuance of the authorisation by CREDIDAM consists of the following stages:

  1. The statement (1 counterpart), along with the agreement (2 counterparts) will be filled in and signed only by the company’s DIRECTOR and will be submitted in original to the headquarters of CREDIDAM, at 34, C.A. Rosetti Street, 2nd District, Bucharest, post code 020015.
  2. Further to the recording/processing of the user’s data in the database of CREDIDAM, a proforma invoice will be issued (for the period requested in the agreement), along with one counterpart of the agreement between the user and CREDIDAM.
  3. After the payment of the proforma invoice, a fiscal invoice will be issued in relation to the settled payment, together with the Authorisation/Non-Exclusive License for Public Communication, for the activities and areas indicated in the annex to the statement, respectively the public communication of the phonograms published for commercial purposes or of the reproductions thereof, the public communication of the artistic performances from the audiovisual field and/or the public communication for lucrative purposes.

IMPORTANT! Regarding the methodologies now in force, they have been updated/modified „ope legis” starting with April, 4th, 2022 (when Law no.69/2022 for amending Copyright Law no.8/1996, came into force). They are still valid and shall apply except the any provisions contrary to art.164 para.2 and art.165 para.9/1 from Law no.8/1996. For details, you can consult the reply letter sent by the Romanian Copyright Office in this regard.

Means of payment:

  • Into the account having IBAN CODE: RO02INGB0001000152938948, opened with ING BANK. –1st District Branch

   » NEW!

  • From your mobile phone, using the BCR – TOUCH 24 application, by following the steps below:

Operations → Invoice payment → Others → CREDIDAM


Click here to view Decision no. 10/2016 of ORDA, valid as from the 01st of March 2016, until the 30th of November 2016. *Decision no. 10/2016 of ORDA was partially amended (classifications and remunerations) by Decision no. 120/2016 of ORDA, valid as from the 01st of December 2016.



updated by Decision no.60/2019

updated by Decision no.35/2023 (effective from 1 March 2023)


*parțially amended by Decision no. 120/2016 of ORDA,  corrected by the Court Resolution for Clerical Error Correction, pronounced on the 15th of March 2017.

updated by Decision no.60/2019
updated by Decision no.6/2022
updated by Decision no.35/2023 (effective from 1 March 2023)


Is applicable for the following users:-showrooms-duty-free shops- shopping galleries-malls-supermarkets-hypermarkets-hospitals- medical practices-treatment centres- casinos-Internet rooms- gaming rooms- billiards, bowling rooms-table tennis rooms-beauty parlours

- others assimilated – open or closed spaces located in towns/cities, resorts, communes and villages

Forms valid from 4th April 2022.

Is applicable for the following users:1.Food service units:-restaurants-bars-coffee houses-tea houses-beer houses-fast-foods-pizza houses-confectioner’s shops-wedding rooms and assimilated

  1. Fairs and exhibitions, events with advertisement or means of advertisement:

-advertisement by vehicles, stands, banners, screens, fixed/inflatable mock-ups, mobile trailers etc. (equipped or accompanied by sound facilities)

-various shows (in relation to music broadcast before, during or after the show)

  1. Accommodation units – located in towns/cities, resorts, communes and villages:





-boarding houses


  1. Transportation

Road passenger transportation:

-leisure vehicle (tractor, train, trailer, platform)

– bus, electric bus, tramway and minibus

-maximum 6-passenger vehicles used for taxi services



Railway passenger transportation:

– passenger train

– restaurant car

Air passenger transportation;

Ships for leisure transportation;

Cable transportation:

– cable tramway –gondola lift

– waiting rooms for cable tramway and gondola lift

– lifts and elevators

  1. Sports and leisure

-sports grounds, sports complexes, gymnasiums

-pools, town pools, sea-coast, amusement parks, ski slopes, skating rinks, children’s playgrounds, fitness rooms, massage rooms

  1. Offices and production spaces
  2. Telecommunications
  3. Events, shows, tours, campaigns etc.  

-clubs, variety bars, night club bars, discos, video stores, (variety) restaurants, cabarets, spaces housing: jukeboxes, karaoke, multimedia etc.

-DJ activity, dancing schools, ballet schools etc., callisthenics, aerobic, zumba aerobic, kangoo jump rooms etc.

Forms valid from 4th April 2022

FormsIf you are the owner of any of the above mentioned units, please fill in the following forms:

Affidativ dec. 99

Convention dec.99


If you are the owner of any of the above mentioned units, please fill in the following forms:

Affidativ dec.10/16, 120/16, 60/19, 6/22

Convention dec.10/16, 120/16, 60/19, 6/22


IMPORTANT! Starting with April 4th 2022 (the date of entry into force of Law no.69/2022) a penalty equal to the statutory interest shall apply.

Valid decisions for the period between 2007 and 2015/2016:
Click to view the new remunerations, as updated by Decision no. 189/2013 of ORDA
Click to view the methodology according to Decision no. 399/2006 of ORDA