Public Communication

For the use of performers’ performances either audiovisual or fixed in phonograms in the ambient (environmental) field (in hotels, restaurants, bars, transportation means etc.) or for profitable purpose (discos, shows, various events, a license (authorization) is required to be granted by CREDIDAM.

The license issuance procedure by CREDIDAM consists of the following steps:

  1. The Statement (1 copy) together with the Agreement (2 copies) shall be filled in and signed only by the MANAGER of the Company and the originals shall be sent to the CREDIDAM head office in str. C.A. Rosetti, nr. 34, sector 2, Bucharest, postal code 020015.
    2. After recording /processing the user information in CREDIDAM database, a pro-forma invoice is issued (for the period requested in the agreement) accompanied by a copy of the agreement concluded between the user and CREDIDAM.
    3. Subsequently to the payment of the pro-forma invoice, a fiscal invoice is issued in relation to the payment made, together with the Non-exclusive Authorization/License for Public Communication, for the activities and premises mentioned in the Annex to the Statement, respectively the public communication of phonograms published for commercial purposes or reproductions thereof, the public communication of performances in the audiovisual field and/or public communication for profitable purpose.

Click here to see ORDA’s Decision no. 10/2016, valid since 01-03-2016. Until 30.11.2016. *ORDA Decision no. 10/2016 was partialy amended (classifications and remunerations) by ORDA’s Decision 120/2016 valid since 01.12.2016.




*partially amended by ORDA’s Decision 120/2016

Applicable for the following users:-showrooms-duty frees- shopping galleries-malls-supermarkets-hypermarkets-hospitals-medical rooms-therapy centers- casinos,- internet rooms- gaming halls-pool halls, bowling alleys-table tennis-beauty centers

– other assimilated – closed or open premises located in the cities, resorts, communes and villages

Applicable for the following users:1.Public food services:-restaurants-bars-café shops-tea shops-brasserie-fast-foods-pizzerias-sweetshops-wedding halls and other assimilated

  1. Fairs and exhibitions, advertising events or advertising means:

-advertising vehicles, stands, banners, screens, fixed /inflatable layouts, mobile trailers etc. (equipped or accompanied by sound systems)

-various shows (for music performed before, during or after the show)

  1. Accommodation units – located in cities, resorts, communes and villages:







  1. Transports

Passenger transport by road:

-leisure vehicle (tractor, small train, trailer, platform)

– bus, trolley-bus, tram and bus

-vehicle up to 6 passenger seats used in taxi services

-microbus and minibus


Railways passenger transportation:

– passenger trains

– dining car

Passenger airlines;

Recreational boats naval transports;


– cable car  – gondola

– waiting areas for the cable car and gondola

– lifts and elevators

5.Sport and recreation

-stadium, sports centers, gyms

-pools, beaches, seaside, amusement parks, ski slopes, ice rinks, playgrounds for children, fitness gyms, massage rooms

  1. Offices and production facilities
  2. Telecommunications
  3. Event, show, tours, campaigns etc.  

-club, bar with variety program, bar with night club program, disco, video library, restaurant (with variety program), cabaret, areas with activity of: jukebox, karaoke, multimedia etc.

– DJ activity, dance schools, ballet schools etc., artistic gymnastics hall, aerobics, zumba aerobics, kangoo-jump etc.

FormsIf you own one of the above units, please fill in the following forms:

Forms:If you own one of the above units, please fill in the following forms:


Valid decisions for the period of time 2007 – 2015/2016:
Click to see the new remunerations updated by ORDA’s Decision 189/2013
Click to see the methodology of ORDA’s Decision 399/2006


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