In attention to cinema users,

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Pursuant to the ORDA Decision no. 11 from 18.01.2006, published in the Official Gazette no. 98, Part I from 01.02.2006, the users of cinematographic works must pay a unique fair remuneration to the collective administration body of performers’ rights (CREDIDAM).

The users must pay to CREDIDAM a remuneration representing patrimonial related rights for the use of artistic performances in the audiovisual domain, by the application of the 1.2% from the calculation base.

The calculation base is formed from the totality of monthly gross revenues, less VAT and the cinema stamp, obtained by each user.

The users must transmit to CREDIDAM, until the 25th of every month, for the previous month, a report which will include:

  1. The complete list of artistic performances in the audiovisual domain, their duration of use, the mentioning of the name of every videogram used daily, as well as the producer thereof. Such list represents the base for distributing the remunerations collected by Credidam.

  2. The calculation base of the transferred amounts.

This report will be sent in electronic format and will be accompanied by a cover letter bearing the name of the legal representative, the user’s signature and seal, the address confirming on one’s own liability the accuracy of the information written in the report.

  1. The payment will be made in account: RO76INGB0001000152938974, ING BANK.
  2. In case of payment delays, users owe penalties per day of delay, equal to those owed for the State Budget debts.

Procedure for obtaining the license

  1. Fill in the authorization application with the user or the legal representative’s identification data, the address and the name of the cinematographer for which authorization is requested and with the date since when it became functional (the application will be signed and sealed by the legal representative).

  2. Dispatch the signed and sealed application in 2 original counterparts, together with the copy of the Sole Registration Code.

  3. You will receive the license in original, signed and sealed by CREDIDAM.
  4. Consign the monthly report, respectively pay the remuneration on the terms established by the methodology and by the license clauses.


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